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Lighthouse Humanitarian Foundation is a Nigerian-based charity founded in 2013. Our major commitment is that of poverty alleviation and improving the lives of children, women and the elderly in our communities.


Children are our future, therefore we strive to educate them so they become intellectually and financially self sufficient, making them strong leaders and agents of social change. Our emphasis is on the underprivileged children from poor communities.


We realize that rural women are key agents for achieving economic, environmental and social change. However, we also appreciate their unique constraints on the areas of limited access to health care and basic social amenities. We focus on empowering them as a key to the well-being of the entire family and the community.

Elderly ManElderly

The elderly are custodians of our customs, history and tradition. Hence, the healthier and longer they live, the more stability our communities will experience.

OUR Vission

OUR Vision

A world where children, their families and communities have access to basic necessities including healthcare, clean water, sanitation, education. 

OUR Mission and Objectives

LHF is the philanthropic vehicle of the Monument Group. Our main objectives are:

  • To provide children, particularly orphans, access to good quality education.
  • To provide clean potable water to communities that lack access and to alleviate the impact of hunger and malnutrition in children and their families.

OUR Values


Altruism and Voluntarism

LHF pursues its goals selflessly, making sure to give only the best in every endeavor. Our activities are borne out of genuine concern for the welfare of others.


Respect for Human Rights

We believe that all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights and hence, should be treated honorably and respectfully. We act to ensure the inherent worth and dignity of all humans is safeguarded.


Sustainability and Consistency

LHF is around for the long haul. We conduct our activities with a mindset to continually deliver on our vision, goals and objectives.


Responsibility and Accountability

We appreciate the trust reposed in us by our beneficiaries, donors, regulators and the general public. We remain committed to being proactive in finding and implementing feasible solutions to problems.


Cooperation with Other NGOs

We believe that significant progress toward world peace and global well being can be achieved through inter-religious, intercultural, and interracial work, devoid of artificial barriers of politics, race, and ethnicity that tend to separate people and their institutions.


Truthfulness and Transparency

We are truthful and transparent in our dealings with the Government, Donors, Beneficiaries, Partners, and the Public. Information about our officers, partners, and our projects is easily accessible. All such information represent at all times the true position of things, this includes but not limited to our sources and application of resources.


Non-Profit Integrity

LHF operates as a non-for-profit Organization.

Our Partners

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Global One


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