Solar Pump Project

Solar Pump Project

We recognize the importance of water to improving livelihoods and eradicating poverty. As of 2015, only 57.3% of rural Nigeria have access to improved water sources as opposed to 81% in the urban areas. Furthermore, the lack of electricity in rural areas makes obtaining water even from electrically operated water pumps difficult and almost impossible to maintain as the costs of petrol for the generators is high when the product is available.

It is particularly important for health care centers to have reliable access to clean and safe water. Therefore, LHF in partnership with Global One hopes to facilitate the construction and installation of a solar powered water pump in the Sumaila Local government to provide reliable and sustainable water to the primary health centers and the community as a whole.  A single solar pump system can supply up to 1000 people with safe, clean drinking water.

As the name implies, the solar pump will not be dependent on the availability or non-availability of electrical power in the area and will:

  • Provide reliable water supply to the primary health centers which is crucially needed particularly for the maternal wards.
  • Afford women the opportunity to cook their foods with clean water and reduce the stress and time of sourcing water from far destinations which end up being unclean.
  • It would reduce the community’s reliance on the infrequent power supply used in powering scarcely available electric pumps.
  • It would also eliminate their dependence on diesel pumps which are expensive both to use and to maintain.
  • Ultimately, the solar powered water pump would reduce, to a major extent, the dependence of the community on external help and influence for needs as basic as water supply.


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