The larger part of the training given to doctors, midwives and CHEWs emphasize safety and limitations. This ensures that they realize their scope and stay in them. This cannot be said of the TBAs. They tend to practice out of their scope because they don’t know much about the idea of division of labor and limitation of practice. This situation has led to fatalities and major complications.

Our aim is to ensure that the TBAs stay in their scope and utilize the services of the other members of the health team. We plan to achieve this by putting in place a referral system. It is hoped that this system will save lives and help to prevent and minimize complications.

Referral protocols identify potential complications in a timely manner and effectively prevent or minimize them. We will train TBAs on how to effectively use this system to ensure that women with potential complications are promptly referred to the PHC who will in turn refer same to the hospital (if unable to handle) where they can receive adequate care.

We hope to make a better use of the TBAs structure already in place while further supplying them with a strong support network of professionals.