At LHF, it is our belief that education is a bridge to opportunities no child should be denied to walk across. As a humanitarian body that understands the important role education plays in building an empowered society, we work with our partners to increase access to education for underprivileged kids. We do this by sponsoring the education of orphaned children in Kano State, Nigeria.

We currently sponsor over thirty orphans across the primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school cadre. This sponsorship includes the paying of school fees, provision of educational resources and other basic educational needs.

How we work:

LHF works closely with the Gatan Marayu Foundation (GMF) to identify disadvantaged orphans who are either out of school or have never been enrolled due to financial constraint. GMF has a long-standing record of providing succor to orphans and widows in Kano State.

Once these kids are identified, GMF notifies LHF who then provides scholarship for these kids based on their educational needs and challenges.

While, the scheme is originally targeted at alleviating the challenges orphans face, in some cases, children who are indigent, whose parents or guardians are alive but are too impoverished to provide education are also selected into the scheme.

We manage and monitor the academic progress of our students to stay abreast of their performances and challenges.

Bridging the gap:

Amina Hamza Mohammed and her sibling, Aisha, live with their octogenarian father, Mallam Hamza Mohammed, who works as a gateman in a school in Kano State.

These girls spent a considerable amount of their young life out of school. Father’s meager salary could hardly feed them talk less put them in school.

Amina and Aisha Hamza Muhammed

LHF thus put the girls under the Orphan Education scheme and has been sponsoring their education in the same school their father works. Now, Amina and Aisha are both in SS2 and JSS1. According to their teachers, ever since the girls have been enrolled in the school, they have exhibited nothing but brilliance in their approach to schoolwork.  Both Amina and Aisha hope to give back to their community in future as a legal practitioner and a medical doctor respectively.