Although, education is state-supported in Nigeria, gaps still exist at the local level in attracting and retaining teachers. Many teachers work for no salary, which is not a sustainable solution to ensure children get an adequate education.  Moreover, in view of the modern trends of technology and teaching aids, there is need to upgrade our teachers through further training.

The lack of well-trained teachers is a major hurdle to the future potential of each child. By increasing the number of qualified teachers, students are more likely to have a better quality education and perform better in school tests and exams.

Our aim is to improve the quality and effectiveness of our teachers and make it easier for our children to get the best quality of education possible. To achieve these objectives, we HOPE to offer free training for teachers in different levels.

This is in form of seminars, workshops, continuing education series and in-service training. This will enhance the knowledge of the teachers and make them more competent to adequately prepare our children to fall in line with advancing trends in technology and science.